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Remarks by President Roh Moo-hyun
Declaring a National Vision for Sustainable Development on the 10th Environment Day


Republic of Korea



My fellow citizens, friends of the environment, and distinguished guests,


Congratulations on the 10th Environment Day. It gives me great pleasure to present the National Vision for Sustainable Development of the Republic of Korea.


The Participatory Government has set as one of its key national priorities the simultaneous accomplishment of sustainable development and a pleasant environment and made every effort to realize that goal.


The Government has reinforced precautionary environmental policies while newly establishing environmental health policies and programs to protect public health. Several achievements have been made, including legislation of the Act Governing Protection of the Baekdudaegan, expansion of the environmental impact assessment, and the establishment of indoor air quality control measures, amongst others.


The public consensus on sustainable development appears widespread. Public awareness of the importance of the environment is being heightened rapidly in proportion to Korea's economic growth during the past half century. The "develop first, clean up later" approach is now clearly a thing of the past.


I am confident that all such changes were achieved by virtue of your passionate and dedicated endeavors. In this regard, I am sincerely grateful.


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,


The international community has already outlined the task of achieving sustainable development through the 2002 Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development. The Kyoto Protocol to curb greenhouse gas emissions entered into force last February.


Now it is time for Korea to bolster its competitiveness by more actively enhancing the concept of sustainable development one dimension higher. To that end, I would like to present the National Vision for Sustainable Development.


Our goal is to continue Korea's growth into an advanced country while maintaining balance between the economy, society and the environment. Healthy development should be achieved through progress in the three pillar areaseconomic growth, environmental conservation and social integration.


First of all, the Government will devise a land management system by integrating development and conservation strategies. A Comprehensive National Plan for the Environment will be devised by the end of this year, and at the same time a comprehensive, integrated information system will be established as a reference map for carrying out various development projects. Through strengthened assessment of environmental impacts and intense consultations with various stakeholders, areas that need to be protected will be fully preserved while areas that allow development will be exploited.


Next, the Government will improve the living environment to the level of advanced countries in ten years. Above all, we will focus on the reliable provision of clean and safe water. The existing Total Water Pollution Load policy will be carried out more efficiently. The Government also plans to shift its water management policy from the current supply-oriented approach to demand-side management, which focuses more on the recycling of wastewater and conservation of water resources.


The Special Measures on Metropolitan Air Quality Improvement will be implemented as scheduled. At the same time, the Government will expand investment in the construction of low-pollution mass transit systems, including railroads, enabling citizens to live in a more pleasant environment.


The next priority task is to establish an environment-friendly economic structure. New environmental technologies and industries are being fostered to serve as a viable growth engine of the national economy. Substantive endeavors are being made to build a resource-circulating society wherein resources are recycled routinely and waste generation is minimized. Taxes will likewise be designed to limit energy overuse and pollutant emissions.


The next area of emphasis is active participation in international efforts to preserve the global environment. As part of efforts to observe the Kyoto Protocol faithfully, various measures are being put in place.They include an increase of energy efficiency and expansion of the supply of new and renewable energy. Cooperation among countries in the region will also be strengthened to cope with environmental problems such as yellow dust and acid rain.


Finally, the Government will establish a policy framework for the resolution of conflicts, thereby promoting social consensus. Our capacity to balance the various needs of different stakeholders does not yet seem commensurate with our increased awareness of our own rights. As a means of building an efficient conflict resolution system, the role and function of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development has been strengthened. In addition, institutional frameworks will be continuously expanded to prevent conflicts as they relate to energy and other public policies.


However, Government efforts alone are not enough. Through participation and dialogue among business, civic society and the mass media, the social consensus should be enhanced. Conflicts and differences can be put aside if we bear in mind our responsibility to our posterity.


My fellow citizens,


The action we take now will determine the future of the next generation. Let us come together to build a better, advanced Korea that achieves sustainable development and provides our children with a healthy and prosperous future.


I hope today's event will serve as an opportunity for us to renew our resolve to that end. I wish every one of you good health and happiness.


Thank you.


June 4, 2005


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