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September 2007
Welcome to the website of the Korean Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development.

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to chair the Korean Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development (PCSD) which has been playing an important role in realizing sustainable development as a National Task Committee and an advisory body to the President in the Republic of Korea.

Since its inception in 2000, the PCSD has been carrying out a wide range of activities to help Korea become a sustainable and advanced country that can achieve a balanced development of economy, society and environment.

Your deep interests and devoted efforts made it possible for our Commission to make gradual progress despite difficult legal and institutional situations. As a result, the current fourth term of the PCSD made an important achievement for Koreas sustainable development including the formulation of the National Sustainable Development Strategy and the enactment of the Framework Act on Sustainable Development.

I feel heavy responsibility to complete the work which has been undertaken so far in order to ensure that the next Government promotes the sustainable development efforts in a more effective and dynamic way.

We still have a great deal of work to complete, in particular, the follow-up measures including enacting the Framework Acts Enforcement Ordinance as well as developing the local sustainable development system and carrying out the remaining national tasks.

Furthermore, we will do our utmost to successfully launch, in cooperation with the central government, local governments, business and civil society organizations, the Sustainable Development Week scheduled for October 4th to 10th 2007. The week aims to raise peoples awareness of sustainable development and express the governments commitment to implementing sustainable development.

We are determined to work hard and consistently to ensure that the efforts taken so far lead to our prosperous and stable future balancing economic growth, environmental preservation and social integration.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your active participation and cooperation.


Seo-Sung Yoon

Chairman of the Korean Presidential Commission on
Sustainable Development

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