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  Framework Act on Sustainable Development Enacted
    2007. 07. 18 admin 3625  
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Framework Act on Sustainable Development Enacted, July 3, 2007


The Republic of Koreas firm legal basis for sustainable development is established, as the National Assembly passed the Framework Act on Sustainable Development on 3 July 2007.


The enactment of the Act is the culmination of the long-term efforts undertaken for the past seven years which involved historical steps such as the creation of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development in 2000 and the declaration of the National Vision for Sustainable Development by President Rho in 2005.

Key stakeholders including civil society organizations, business and academy continuously demanded this Act for a long time, as it was necessary for the legislation of a framework strategy, related laws and sustainability review of administrative plans, as well as for establishing support measures for local sustainable development.

The bill drafted by the PCSD in December 2006 was proposed to the National Assembly on June 5 2007, after consultations with relevant Ministries, advance notice of the legislation, public hearings, review by the Ministry of Government Legislation and deliberation by the Cabinet Meeting.

This Framework Act on Sustainable Development has important significance in that it completes the national system to implement sustainable development. The Act requires the Government to formulate and implement a framework strategy for sustainable development for 20 years and an action plan every five years, while it also commits local governments to develop their own strategy and action plan. The Act also creates the National and Local Commissions on Sustainable Development whose function, among others, is to review the Governments mid to long-term plans and legislations to enhance their sustainability. The Act requires the development and operation of national and local indicators for sustainable development to evaluate national sustainability. As a measure for public information and participation, the Framework Act provides for the construction of information network and support for education, promotion and non-state actors initiatives. 

The enforcement of the Act is expected to put Korea on a path to becoming a leading nation in the area of sustainable development, which can achieve effective integration of the economy, society and environment.

With this Act, Korea becomes one of the few countries, among them Belgium and Canada, with specific legislation on sustainable development. The Framework Act on Sustainable Development also reaffirms Koreas commitment to deliver the international commitments made at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, which called for every country to  take urgent action and implementation toward sustainable development.

For further information, please contact Seon-Mi Choi at +82-2-2100-****/****


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