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  Asia and Europe met for mutual learning & support
    2007. 05. 16 admin 3701  

The PCSD of Korea and the State Secretary for SD of Belgium successfully organized a side event titled National Strategies for Sustainable Development: Shared Learning and Review Experiences in Asia and Europe during the UNCSD-15 session at the UN Headquarters in New York.



The events speakers and discussants included representatives from the Republic of Korea, Belgium, China, France, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Vietnam as well as from the UN Division for Sustainable Development.



Following the introductory remarks by the organizers, Ms. Abdalla from the UNDSD noted the importance of mutual review and learning of national strategies for sustainable development (NSSD) and shared the DSDs efforts in supporting countries to reach the UN target on NSSDs. 



Asian countries shared their experiences in NSSDs and the shared learning and review. The PCSD of Korea, represented by Ms. Eun-Kyung Kim, Secretary to the President for Sustainable Development, made a presentation on the process, content, monitoring system of Koreas national sustainable development strategy as well as the results of its shared learning and review workshop with 8 Asian countries. She also stated the PCSDs commitment to furthering international cooperation in this area, in particular, expanding the shared learning and review experiences in Asia and creating a network of NSSDs between Asia and Europe. Mr. Xia Cheng from the National Development and Reform Commission of China presented Chinas efforts for sustainable development. Mr. Suppiah from Primer Ministers Department of Malaysia presented the key observations and recommendations on the Korean NSSD made at the shared learning and review workshop in Seoul and explained the lessons learned that could benefit Malaysias own NSSD. Mr. The Phuong from the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam presented the main findings on Koreas good practices and lessons learned in the NSSD as well as Vietnams progress with the strategy development and implementation.


European countries in turn provided valuable input to the discussions by sharing the European experiences and insights. Mr. Tom Boon von Ochssee, Ambassador for Sustainable Development of the Netherlands, introduced the peer review of the Netherlands sustainable development strategy and explained its results and the follow-up measures to be taken. Ms. Nadine Gouzee, representative of Belgium to the CSD, presented the Belgiums legal basis for its Federal Strategy on SD, in particular, its law on the co-ordination of the federal policy on sustainable development and the common benefits and the usefulness of the peer review process of the NSSD. Mr. Laurent Stefanini, Ambassador for the Environment of France, explained the peer review process, which was designed in France for its first implementation, and showed Frances interest in adapting the methodology to developing countries, while stating the need for understanding the crucial role of poverty reduction strategies and the involvement of international organizations in the review process.


During the discussion session, NGO representatives of the European Union stated the need for ensuring the effective involvement of the civil society in the NSSD development, implementation and monitoring process. Participants also expressed their agreement on the proposition for expanding the NSSD shared learning and review processes, made by the PCSD of Korea during the negotiation session on cross-cutting issues of the CSD-15.


This side event contributed to developing Asia and Europe cooperation in expanding mutual learning and support for advancing NSSDs.


Please click on the texts below for the presentations made at the event:

-Republic of Korea




-The Netherlands


For futher information, please contact Ms. Seon-Mi Choi (tel:+82-2-2100-****, e-mail:****)

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